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  • GeraldineB
    GeraldineB wrote a new blog entry:
    • 6 hours ago
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    • GeraldineB
      Maureen I love your new "soft inclusions".  <3
    • GeraldineB
      KurtisM I think I can see what I like about my own stories so much. They represent a move towards the higher moving center :) Though I guess this means we'll have to wait for the next timeline for next week.  I get so eager for them XD
      • 4 hours ago
    • GeraldineB
      DianeHB I for one LOVE this Higher Moving Center year. I'm having a blast moving in harmony with those around me. Sometimes I feel very sexual, too. LOL
  • Blue
    Blue replied to Hive souls in terms of animal behaviour in Animals & Nature:
    holy crap Geraldine, that's awesome! Thankyou!
    • 6 hours ago
  • Maureen
    Maureen wrote a new blog entry:
    • 7 hours ago
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    • Maureen
      ViP I like "Iris", I think it suits you, Maureen  :-)   What do you think about the names? The 12-based names are something new, I think?
      • 5 hours ago
  • GeraldineB
    GeraldineB replied to Hive souls in terms of animal behaviour in Animals & Nature:
    Hive Soul Dynamics
    This was a huge blog posting and then highly interactive discussion Hive Souls / "old" TLE
    If someone would be willing to corral all of the Hive Soul stuff from that and put it either into a forum discussion or the library, it would be...  more
    • Fri at 3:42 AM
  • ViP
    ViP replied to Hive souls in terms of animal behaviour in Animals & Nature:
    BTW, just so I understand the question, your example meant - the dog "knew" there was going to be an earthquake, because other dogs in its hive soul had already begun experiencing the same earthquake somewhere else? 
    There has been mention from M via Troy...  more
    • Fri at 12:24 AM
  • ViP
    ViP replied to Hive souls in terms of animal behaviour in Animals & Nature:
    I still don't know what a hive soul actually is, exactly, so I can't really speculate, although it is an interesting question. I keep seeing references to individual animals as Entities. For example, a person's cat will be an Entity comprised of scholars,...  more
    • Fri at 12:20 AM
  • ViP
    ViP replied to UPDATE: Getting Sick and Laptop Death in News, Alerts, Updates FROM TROY:
    Troy said:Just when I think all is well... 3rd replacement laptop in 3 days is now in progress. My BF thinks my "Michael waves" are burning out the electronics. We also have to replace the coffee maker. 2nd time. :-O
    Reminds me of someone I knew who couldn't...  more
    • Thu at 11:53 PM
  • ViP
    ViP replied to The Religion: Christianity and the bible in Off-Topic Discussions:
    I suppose I could give a slightly alternative experience with it. I wasn't born Christian, but I attended a Catholic high school. I was okay with saying their prayers and stuff as it wasn't very often, and non-Catholics weren't asked to attend church services...  more
    • Thu at 11:36 PM
  • GeraldineB
    Try this to reach "all" of Martha's old TLE blog entries (110 total) - http://truthloveenergy.ning.com/profiles/blog/list?user=2clrnqcnwi3i5
    Martha's Blog - The Michael Teachings
    • Thu at 9:33 PM
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    • GeraldineB
      Caricai Thanks Geraldine. That worked. 
      • Thu at 9:53 PM
  • Paulyboy
    Paulyboy replied to ALERT: RIP FaW in News, Alerts, Updates FROM TROY:
    Hi Troy and folks

    Haha, I have made it here on my birthday (yay 34!) for a moment. I love love love the FAW, but have commitments most every day and night of the week. I will happily subsidize things as able to keep them coming. I'll send a private mes...  more
    • Thu at 4:20 PM